What we do…

Event Photos Northwest is a group of photographers who have various skill sets to meet the photographic needs of any event planner.

Events can be almost anything from 2 to 15,000 people… A couple hours or a week’s convention.

We work with: Green Screen, Print-on-site, LIVE Photo-booth, Photojournalism, Architectural, Awards, Group Photos, Wall to Wall Convention Coverage… all routine stuff for our Professional Photographers. We have only experienced people who work as photographers… all the time.

Film or digital, 4×5 to small formats. Video too.

NOTE: There is a lot of cross-over from “event”photography to “people” photography so I would recommend checking out the links in the blogroll to both weddings and people photography links.


Photographer, Gail Wodzin   www.gailannphotography.com 206-371-0585

or Photographer,  Mike Penney,  mike@photobymike.com 2

“E Venue” Interview with Mike  linked HERE talks about venue photography….

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